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Going barrel lever escapement goliath pocket watch from 1923

Keyelss wind and pin set.

The Swiss lever movement has 15 Jewels.

The mineral crystal is free from scratches and chips.

The dial is free from hairline cracks and chips.

Hinges and catches are all working correctly.

The nickel case measures 66mm x 22mm.

Weight 208g

The sterling silver clad desk stand measures 117mm x 103mm

Silversmith, RC London assay office.

1923 Goliath Pocket Watch And Desk Stand

  • At RomanDial all our watches are fully serviced. The service includes complete strip down of the movements to its component parts. 

    All parts are cleaned checked for wear, oiled and reassembled. 

    We then test the movement for at least seven days to check for accuracy and reliability. 

    While the movement is out of the case we clean and polish, check all hinges catches and clips are operating correctly. 

    We replace the mineral glass with new (old stock) mineral glass. 

    All our watches come with winding key if required.

    We aim for an accuracy of 1-2 minutes for lever watches and 2-5 minutes or verge watches.

    Mechanical watches of this type will require regulating from time to time.


    RomandDial offers a 30 day guarantee and worldwide shipping (free to the UK).

    We will ship the same working day for purchases before 10.00am and next working day after 10.00 am

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